Our Services

Personal Training

In Personal Training you work one on one with your trainer and your program is fully customized to your goals and needs. Workouts cycle through hypertrophy (muscle building), conditioning (cardio) and strength training. Personal Training includes a Whole Health meal guide, workout plans for in and out of the gym, accountability and regular progress check-ins.

$55-$65/per hour +HST
(depending how often you come in a week)

Small Group Training

Small Group training is the personal training programming and structure, in a small group environment. Small Group training is up to 6 people per class, with programs cycling through hypertrophy, conditioning and strength. This service also includes meal support as well as access to the private Facebook page and monthly check ins.

$175 +HST per month for 2x/week

Boot Camp

Bootcamp is a group workout that includes spin, yoga, yoga sculpt, full body burn, hiit and trx classes. This is a larger class setting, maxed at 12 per class. This service includes your workout classes as well as access to the private Facebook page.

$105 +HST per month for 2x/week

$120+HST per month for 3x/week

$145 +HST per month for unlimited access

$90 +HST for 5 Class Pass

$150 +HST for 10 Class pass

Nutrition Coaching

All of Personal Trainers are also certified Nutritionists. We take on a Holistic approach that is non-restrictive and works with your body’s needs and your dietary needs. To work on your nutrition with a coach, send us an email to get set up with a consultation.